31 Aug 2008

# 65 P.V.C.2 - Put you in the picture

Side a: Put you in the picture
Side b: 1.Deranged demented and free , 2.Pain
UK 1977
Great first wave punk rock. Featuring Midge Ure of "Rich Kids"/"Ultravox" fame.



garychching said...

I remember seeing PVC2 supporting (I think) the UK Subs somewhere like Margate. we were all chanting for the subs and Midge Ure slagged them off, and the next thing the crowd invaded the stage attacking PVC2, Midge Ure and his band had to run into the changing rooms and barricade themselves in until it calmed down.

JimmyD said...

nice one;-) i have this single back at home in Scotland

JimmyD(The Carpettes)

kaninfaan said...

Hi, found your blog while looking for this single. Looks like I might have a few years of your blogging to read, download and enjoy for the next few months.

And the comments as well! Reading "garychings" story above makes me want to hear this even more.

I would be thrilled if you could upload this somewhere. It seems like the few other bloggers/uploaders of old "unknown" music went offline when megaupload was taken down a few years ago.

Luckily there's still a few forums and other outlet for rare 70s punk but it's gotten harder to find stuff 'by chance'

And it never ceases to amaze me that I can still find stuff from that era that I'd never heard.

kaninfaan said...

w00t! I found it.
So I figured I'd put it up on mediafire in case someone else comes here looking for it:

razor said...

pvc2: re-up is done. kaninfaan thanks for your comment!