21 Aug 2008

# 52 The Last Gang - Spirit of youth

Side a: Spirit of youth
Side b: Waste it all
UK 1979
One and only release from these West Midland based three piece band. Two strong Post Punk numbers.



miner154 said...

I think they had a second single in 1987 not sure if any of the original band were left - I'm pretty sure someone I know was in this later line up I'll ask him when I next see him

Den said...

the last gang (they were called stuff movies up until just before this single)made another single then split up on the way home from mixing it. spirit of youth (and waste it all the b side) was recorded at rook studios in stourport for the Graduate label in dudley which incidently was same label as UB40 started on. the personel was Rob Shaw on guitar and vocals Mick Homer on bass and John Ricketts on drums. John and Mick formed a band called In Movement later with John (the drummer) on guitar Mick carried on with bass and did vocals. he was a revelation on vocals and a very very underrated bass player. Rob went on to form Swansway and had a couple of minor hits. his lyrics were some of the most poetic you'll hear. he now playe electronic stuff as Mighty Math. and me? i took that record sleeve picture in an alley in Dudley, the halo was made from a ring of my late wifes

John Mono said...

Hi all i can confirm what Den has written is correct. I was the drummer in Stuff Movies / The Last Gang from 1977 to 1979.
I'm pretty sure The Last Gangs last gig was playing with UB.40 at Kidderminster Town hall, UB had just released King / food for thought on Graduate Records ( Grad 4 )
I am slowly compiling a face book page on the last gang, with rare unheard tracks..

The Last Gang split up around 79,and there was no 2nd single..