29 Jun 2008

# 15 Handbag - Snatchin' by

Side a: 1.The wrong knock , 2.You are my destiny , 3.Breakfast in Berlin , 4.You wont get me , 5.Doreen
Side b: 1.Superstar car crash , 2.Medley - Just raped,Lovers,Jet lag
I 1977
An english band with their only release in Italy. The record was re-released 1978 with a complete different cover . Again only in Italy.



Roby De Luca said...

Hi...can you re-up please?

thanks a lot

razor said...

re-up is done

Paul Southwell said...

Hey, Its Paul the bassist from Handbag. Good to see that someone is interested in our music. Cheers Guys.

razor said...

hi paul ! cool to have you here with a comment! i love your record! you still in a band ? have you more informations about your time with Handbag and willing to share with us? cheers !

Paul Southwell said...

Hi there, Yes I'm still playing in band. I currently live in Oz and play in 2 bands one called Timeslider and the other is 13th Floor. Handbag has been getting some publicity recently (god knows why after over 40 years). We are featured in the March Mojo magazine. I can't post it here as it will not let me paste anything into the comment box. If you have another method I will send you the article. Cheers and I'm glad you like our sound. Paul