28 Jun 2008

# 10 Warsaw Pakt - See you in court !

Side a: 1.Even money , 2.Angle , 3.Sick'n'tired , 4.Dogfite , 5.Lorraine , 6.Fast Eddie
Side b: 1.Breast beating (more like a man) , 2.Believe me honey , 3.Cut glass jaw , 4.Safe and warm , 5.Nosebleed
UK 1979 / released as a Tape only
Posthum release with recordings from 1977.

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ken.grady said...

Thanks for the chance to hear this. I went and saw the Warsaw Pakt at the Red Cow in Hammersmith back at the end of 1977 after I missed out on getting into the Roundhouse for a free Elvis Costello gig (they shut the doors on us when I was three people away from the front of the line - bastards!) Anyway, I couldn't believe the crowd frenzy at the Warsaw Pakt show. By the end of the show there were literally people bruised and bleeding everywhere you looked. Went out and bought the Needle Time album a couple of days later. I didn't know there were any other recordings in existence! You gotta love the net and people like your good self who use it for the dissemination of great stuff like this. I also see you have a lot of stuff that I haven't heard in years. Looking forward to exploring more fully! Thanks.

Unknown said...

Check out the Warsaw Pakt page on Facebook. It is supported by three of the Warsaw Pakt members: Jimmy Coull, Andy Colquhoun and Chris Underhill. It is linked to many internet resources for the WP, and Gonzo just re-released Needletime with a complimentary DVD of the historic studio session re-mastered from some long-lost original films.

Theresa L Malloy said...


razor said...

Re-Up is done