2 Jan 2020

# 534 The Visitors - Rocket me home

Side a: Rocket me home
Side b: Comin' from behind
USA 1979
Great Powerpop 2 tracker by this New York Band. It seems that this is their sole release. Enjoy it like i do !



Ingbritt said...

All files seem to be gone...

0101001x_x said...

Man this is one of the few blogs that's still up and running. All the other blogs got shut down which sucks for Rock'n'Rollers like myself cause you can't find these anywhere in record stores or anything like that. So it's really cool to still go on here and grab these while we can. We're a dying species. The last soldiers so to speak. Cheers! If you can please keep em coming and thanks a bunch for all these record posts!