21 Jul 2019

# 524 The News - EP

Side a: 1.I can see through you , 2.Don't talk to me
Side b: 1.Don't split my signals , 2.It doesn't matter
USA 1980

Fantastic Ep by this Minnesotta based band. One of two records they made (for the other one see my post # 516). Housed in a huge foldet poster cover with lyrics and a band picture. Also with a taped button on the front cover.  Enjoy it like i do !



0101001x_x said...

Ahh always great to come back to this blog and download these gems.. Rock'n'Roll! Cheers!

xx said...

hi mate, great blog, got a quick q re an old post and the source you got it from - can I email you?

razor said...

wicked77(at)rocketmail (dot) com