17 Feb 2019

# 518 Andree & the Dancers - Russian girl

Side a: Russian girl
Side b: Hurt
SWE 1981
Fantastic punky Powerpop by this swedish band! I haven't found informations about this killer record/band. Anyone can help? Enjoy this record like i do!!



bristolboy said...

It gets a mention in Peter Jandreus' book "encyclopedia of swedish punk 77-87" but has no info.
Try looking on this site


Also it's here


In the comments - Roger Reko says "We recorded it on a 8 track tape recorder in a house in Huddinge, Stockholm, Sweden in 1981. We spend two days in the “studio”, recording it in one day and producing it the day after. It was the best time of my life! Roger"

pillihp zelaznog said...

Great post! As always... Rock'n'Roll!!! Cheers