31 Dec 2018

# 516 The News - The last time

Side a: The last time
Side b: Popular boy
USA 1981
Another band with the name "The News". This is one of two singles by this Minnesota band. A fine Powerpop 2 tracker. Have fun with this!



junglelife said...

I think this has a sleeve. but I never saw that before, Of corse my copy doesn't have a sleeve.

wipeout66 said...

Hi Great blog! always great songs on your list. Can you post it in 320kbps. Its much a better quality as 128kbps. Thanks

Popguy said...

Hi Razor, Have you by any chance heard of record The Press - 1980 - Meet "The Press"?
It's power pop music and I knew one of band members way after the band broke up. Would really love to hear this if you have it.
Discogs link...

razor said...

hi popguy! sorry, i haven't the requested record. thanks for leaving a comment!