22 Jul 2018

# 512 Red Stripe - No Pic Sleeve EP

Side a: Inside Of Pain
Side b: 1. Wogs Go Home , 2.Trois Vielles Sacs Assises Lisant
UK 1980
Fantastic punk platter on the "Not Sensibles" label "Snotty Snail Records". This is their sole release. Sadly i haven't the rubber-stamped sleeve and the insert. Enjoy the record like i do !!



michael abramson said...

Do you realise track one side two is is racist?

razor said...

hi michael! thanks for your post! and yes you are right with this. sorry, my mother tongue is not english. i will take down the download link. and sorry to all the people i had annoyed with this post.

James Trash said...

Though the song title would suggest racism, the message seems to be the opposite. A vocalist from India singing "do you really want to send me home?"

bristolboy said...

The lyrics are hard to pick out - But I'm pretty sure James is correct {Anti-racism}.


Look at the images & you'll see the missing Insert that has "Clive of India" singing

razor said...

hi everybody! thanks for your help and your comments! i will repost the download link.