26 Feb 2017

# 492 The Pop Guns - Home address burning road

Side a: Home address burning road
Side b: Keep it a secret
SA 1981
Cool powerpop by this Spring (Suburbs of Johannesburg) based four piece band with their sole release. This was released on  Radium Records, the home of the band "Radio Rats", also from South Africa. I love it !



Mark Alfred said...

Thanks a lot, many great helpings of all kinds in the smorgasbord of pop music!

Jamie TB said...

Hi Sharp Kick, I just wanted to let you know I'm a long time visitor/ first time commenter. I truely love the vinyl 7"s you post here! They make the best mixtapes. I really, really, really appreciate all this stuff as I would never be able to afford most of these releases (I was born in '72) cuz they are so obscure yet amazing. THANK YOU KIND SIR!

razor said...

hi jamie ! thanks for your friendly words !

koi seo said...

thanks for sharing here.


Unknown said...

thank you for this! I first heard of SA's THE POP GUNS on that ROIR cassette compilation World Class Punk 1984. this is a treat!!

Karl Bakla said...

I need to find a copy of this, like the previous comment I also first heard Popguns on the ROIR tape