9 Nov 2014

# 437 Red Tape - Can't have you

Side a: 1.Can't have you , 2.On the telephone
Side b: 1.Businessman , 2.T.V. heaven
USA 1981
Great E.P. by this Texas (Friendswood?) based band. 4 self penned quirky/punky new wave tracks here on this record. Maybe their lone (sleeveless?) release? I don't know, i haven't found more infos. Enjoy it!



Woody said...

You have a collection of singles and eps really impressive. Thank you very much.

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Patrick Kuhns said...

Alot of people don't know this but this band had a video on mtv called (on the telephone) Why mtv refuses to Acknowledge these type of bands is beyond me. It is so nice to hear this music again.

Patrick Kuhns said...

I am hoping you will post more of Mtv's lost music from these type of bands brings back memories thank you.

razor said...

Woody, thanks for visiting my blog! and thanks for your comments!

razor said...

Patrick, thanks for leaving some comments!