18 May 2014

# 423 The Frenchmen - Small Town boy

Side a: Small Town boy
Side b: 1.Now maybe , 2.Dirty dishes wicked wishes
USA 1980
Second and last record by this Erie/PA band. 3 nice self penned (power)pop tracks. You can hear the first single of this group on the famous Shotgun Solution blog. I can't find more informations about this band. No printings or infos on the back cover.



dikhed58 said...

The band is the FRENCHMEN they only did like 3 records.But many shows.They are from Erie,PA.Prior to "The Frenchmen" This band brought "punk rock" to Erie with the band PISTOL WHIP Which had a good long run...Then came the 80's&THE FRENCHMEN!!! These members were involved in MANY great bands,Some going to this day!!!
Email w/ANY ???'s

razor said...

hi! thanks for the information and leaving a comment!