21 Sep 2013

# 408 The Gas - It shows in your face

Side a: It shows in your face
Side b: Tomorrow
UK 1980
First single output on Polydor records by this underrated band from England. Side a is a cracking powerpop/punk number. The b side is more an uninspired reggea number. I post their 4th single on this blog too.


This was requested by Ralf.


Lewdd said...

Great band. The Emotional Warfare LP is a classic.

jeffen said...

You can't say too many good things about this band. Thanks for the post.

Milord Teum said...

thanks bro-have a nice week

Woody said...

Many thankx for all. Fantastic singles.

Stereoblab said...

White label 12" test pressing on ebay this week.