23 Dec 2012

# 385 The Red Ball Jets - Rockin'

Side a: 1.Rockin' behind the iron curtain , 2. All i remember
Side b: 1. Can't figure it out , 2. Stars are right
USA 1981
Lone release by this 1975 formed band from Milwaukee/WI. Four nice Indy/Rock'n'roll/powerpop tracks with female/male voices. I can't find info's about the band.


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RĂ©mi T said...

Thanks for sharing this rare EP with us.
The Red Ball Jets were from Milwaukee. The original members were guitarist Mark Schneider (ex Short wave), Martin Krohne, Molli Putz (vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar, flute) Rob McCuen (drums, ex Short wave and futur Plasticland, Rob McCuen and the ruins).
Here's an article from way back 1981