27 Jul 2012

# 374 T-Boys - One way street

Side a: One way street
Side b: Factory girl
UK 1981
Great second single by this english boys. We have here some good powerpop with some hints of 2 Tone ska on the flip side. This band is a complete mystery for me. See here for the first T-Boys single.  



R1ch3z said...

I've got plenty of info about this band, my dad was the drummer! I've also got some unreleased material on mp3. If you want any info just ask.

razor said...

hi ! yes, please let me know more !
and i'm also interested in the mp3's files.

steve riches said...

Hi, my name is Steve Riches and I was the drummer in the T-Boys. Plenty of info available. Just ask!

MRadclyffe said...

Hi, we used to come and see the T-Boys every Monday at the Three Rabbits, which is no longer a pub. Any idea what the others are doing?