7 Jan 2012

# 356 The Monitors - The Single

Side a: Telegram
Side b: Compulsory fun
UK 1979
Lone output by this Charlton/South London area based band on their own label. The single was later re-issued by RSO records with a different cover.



Lee said...

Lee Wellbrook here - and that's me playing guitar on this. Sounds very odd to hear it again. Happy days - and I'm still playing in a band with Nick (bassist of the Monitors) although our music has shifted considerably away from what our younger selves were playing...

razor said...

Hi Lee . Thanks for your comment ! Haha, yeah it's possible that it sounds a little bit odd to you after all this years. I like this record. Cheers

Christie Moore said...

I would love to know who is behind this single, when I wrote my book "the Unultimate Rockopedia" I wanted to include the Monitors in it but there was zero information on the net and so they were omitted

Christie Moore