18 Sep 2011

# 347 Orbits - Q: What ... Ans: Nothing ...

Side a: 1.Rear view mirror , 2.Brand new beat , 3.Slow motion , 4.Rockette
Side b: 1. 7 Digits , 2.Sensors , 3.Atomic love , 4.It's a surprise
USA 1981
Very fine powerpoppy new wave from this Boston/MA based 5 piece band. This is their lone 12" release. Maybe they had a single out with "Rear view mirror" on it. I like "Atomic love" very much but the other songs are good too. Really a cool record !



Anonymous said...

A re-up would be wicked cool! These guys used to get all kinds of airplay on WBCN. I had no idea they were only a local band. I have no idea why the whole country wasn't listening to them.

Joe Sage said...

Please contact me I have info on This Kids you might like to here.
e-mail me at: mojosage@cox.net

razor said...

sorry, re-up is not possible at the moment.

razor said...

re-up is done