19 Sep 2010

# 310 Lenny & the Lawbreakers ! - Me and Bobby Magee

Side a: Me and Bobby Magee
Side b: Suzy D
IRL 1979
A good remake of a Kris Kristofferson hit-tune on the a side and a cool self-penned powerpop number on the b side! The band was from the Nothern Irland area and this was their lone release on the famous irish label "Rip Off Records".

The good people of "Sing Sing Records" in New York will release a compilation of "Rip Off Records" in November with all the hits and unreleased stuff. So watch out for this !



jeff said...
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jeff said...

thanks for all the cool shit razor. you have made my day many a time.

razor said...

Jeff, you're always welcome !

Zach said...

oh yeah! i got the Rip-Off comp for Christmas. on heavy rotation for me as well. great stuff!