29 Aug 2010

# 306 Quincy - s/t

Side a: 1.Turn the other way around , 2.Critics' choice , 3.Don't knock on my door , 4.Always in the news , 5.Dime store lies , 6.Can't live in a dream
Side b: 1.Just a tragedy , 2.Stop now , 3.Grow up , 4.Roamin' catholic , 5.Stuck on you , 6.Ordinary
USA 1980
A superb and complete underrated record ! The band was from Haddon Heights/NJ and this is their lone album. After this record they have to change their name because Quincy Jones was not amused with the band name. Read more here.



George said...

i dig this album a lot

Yuri said...

They're selling this album on the Smash Brothers website . . .