4 Jul 2010

# 297 Bleeding Hearts - This is the way...O.K.

Side a: This is the way...O.K.
Side b: I need to know
UK 1980
I know nothing about this record. You can help ?
Cool powerpop here on this platter.


Requested by Silvia


bristolboy said...

Ha - I ripped this yesterday as I been asked by a couple of people for it (wish I'd known you were going to post it - that's 20 mins of my life I'll not get back) - I drew a blank on info as well It was produced by Little Winston who was a local DJ and the record label owner. See http://www.boredteenagers.co.uk/uxb.htm

Silvia said...

Thanks Razor. I like it!!

Rich said...

There's a bit of info here about Bleeding Hearts.

razor said...

a re up is done