16 May 2010

# 282 Eric Blake - Born to be special

Side a: Born to be special
Side b: 1.80's girl , 2.Give generously
UK 1981
This was released on the Carrere Records label with a gatefold sleeve. The track on side a sounds extremly like "The Beat" and the other two songs are more powerpop. I haven't found informations about this band. It's maybe their second single.



Pete the Pick said...

I don't believe anyone by the name of Eric Blake had anything to do with this band. As it was, they merely cashed in on singer Julie Harding's lovely legs, which were (almost) literally endless, and not much else. Unfortunately, I am so far unable to trace the photo of said Julie Harding that I cut out of an NME round about that time which would prove my point. Saw 'em at the 101 Club in Clapham 17 July 1980.

Rude Rich said...

Podrias subir de nuevo este disco

Saludos Gracias..

razor said...

re-up is done