14 Mar 2010

# 262 The What - East coast kids E.P.

Side a: What is the cure ?
Side b: 1.Anything goes , 2.East coast kids
UK 1979
A South Humberside based punk group with their lone release. Good postpunk on the a side and simple three chord punk on the other side.



Silvia said...

Great record collection!
Love this single! I have The Exit 7'' from 1983.
I do have some requests that I'd love to hear if its possible. They would be much appreciated.

Cardiac Arrest - Running In The Streets 7''
Daryl And The Chaperones - My Baby's A Spy 7''
Breathers - Living In The Age Age 7''
Bleeding Hearts - This Is The Way...OK
Lovely Bodies - Swelter In The Shelter 7''
Relatives - As A Child 7''
Worms - London Bus 7''
Chevrons - Sindy's Got An Action Man 7''

Anyway, keep up your great work and thank you very much for sharing this awesome stuff!



Unknown said...

Can you re upload this?

razor said...

re-up is done