19 Jul 2009

# 215 The Secret - The young ones

Side a: The Young ones
Side b: Handel a Vandal
UK 1977
Great first release by The Secret from London/UK. Later they changed their sound and played more new wave/powerpop. I'm still in love with this one after all the many moons i own this record.



Tone and Wave said...

...of course this was later re-worked by the cast of The Young Ones for their theme song.

Rik Mayall saying "...shouldn't be afraid" - hilarious.

Respect for the original though I prefer the Secret's later stuff.

Thanks for posting.

distortion said...

Brilliant been looking for this for years! bought it on a market stall for 50p and ended up losing it!!
Classic early britpunkpop along with Battersea (anyone got that one)?!!

spencer kurash said...

Had this years ago as well. Probably cost about 20p from Record and Tape Exchange. Remember also owning a copy of the same song by Menace

Claudio said...

Hi, I'm Claudio From Peru.
I've recently heard the single the young ones of the secrets on youtube and I've been searching for it (is the best version of all!!!). the link is broke on your blog, please could you fix it? I'll be very thankful.
kinds regards.

razor said...

re-up is done